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The fascination is real.

This is no ordinary true crime book. If you think you've got the stomach for the most blood-curdling, sickening and downright strangest murders you will ever come across, then look no further than these pages. You have been warned The book basically just told short stories of the lives of killer around the world. Aug 12, Rachel rated it really liked it. This took a while to read as some parts were quite disturbing but also quite fascinating.

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I went in many a tangent reading this book on my kindle, using Wikipedia and Google to get more up to date info on the cases in this book. Some of the murders mentioned are the very famous ones, but there are a few obscure cases from around the world.

1. “Black Dahlia”

Some are truly bizarre the case with the dwarf son of a B-movie actress claiming his mother was killed by a Hispanic ninja for one! But some are just horrif This took a while to read as some parts were quite disturbing but also quite fascinating. But some are just horrific.

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It's not a book for the faint of heart or squeamish. It is very descriptive in style. Nov 15, Clint rated it it was amazing Shelves: Haha, this book ruled! I agree with some other reviewers, that a lot of the murders weren't that unusual, but about halfway through the book I think they started piling on the weirdness. I wish I had the book with me right now to quote about this dude who thought he was a year old werewolf or all the witches and shit.

I'm trying to read all the unread paper books in my house to make more space, but decided to keep this one for reference. Crazy book.

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  • The World's Most Bizarre Murders: True Stories That Will Shock and Amaze You by James Marrison.

Jul 10, Kerri Simpson rated it really liked it. It was at least interesting.

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I really love it when the provide in depth over view of crime files but i know thats not always in the cards. Still i enjoyed this collection of weird murders and stories. There are some interesting ones for sure. May 18, Joshua Ong rated it liked it. May 22, Roger Barnes rated it really liked it. Excellent collection of murders. Nov 14, Suzanne rated it it was amazing. I bought this book because the subtitle seems like such a challenge.

Shock and amaze me? However I owe an apology to this book. Mission accomplished. I was both shocked and amazed. This book was okay, pretty good I guess but a lot of the telling felt a bit sensationalised.

Bizarre Murders

The 'new' to me ones were interesting though e. On a side note, the layout kind of bugged me. I liked it to begin with and then in the last third it kind of went to pot. It felt rus This book was okay, pretty good I guess but a lot of the telling felt a bit sensationalised. It felt rushed and disjointed toward the end. Despite all that, I do recommend this book.

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Feb 09, A. True crime is always hard to review and this one even more so. Obviously the stories are dark and disturbing but in places it seemed a bit sensationalised. Not the best collection, although not a bad read. Mar 01, SimplyAtomic rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads. Great read. Nov 27, Jen rated it it was ok. This book was just ok. It read like a bunch of newspaper articles. I can't say I was really 'shocked' or 'amazed' by any of the stories, but some of them were very interesting. May 26, Carly Higgins rated it liked it. This case supposedly was an inspiration for the movie Fargo.

Fritz Haarmann sexually assaulted, mutilated, dismembered, and murdered more than 24 boys between — in Germany. He was found guilty for the majority of the murders, and was sentenced to death by beheading in late She'd lure men to her farm, take out life insurance policies on them OR have them bring a bunch of money so they could "invest in her growing property" , kill them, then feed them to her pigs. She also killed most of her boyfriends, her two husbands, and both of her daughters. She was not fucking around. A year-old Swedish au pair disappeared outside a Boston nightclub at 3 a.


Later that day, her upper body was found in a dumpster. The murder has never been solved, and her lower half has yet to be found. In July , Kallinger and his son, Michael, entered four separate families' homes by pretending to be salesmen in Baltimore, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. When inside, they robbed and sexually assaulted those families and killed three people. He was sentenced to life in prison in '76, and died in of heart failure.

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  6. He abducted, raped, tortured, and murdered at least 29 young men from in Houston. He used two teen accomplices to lure boys to his house with promises of a party or a ride home. One of the accomplices eventually had enough, and shot him. In the s, George Joseph Smith would find a nice rich lady to marry, make sure she had life insurance that named him as the beneficiary — and then they'd mysteriously all die in bathtubs.

    He was suspected of having murdered three of his wives, but due to laws of the time, was only convicted of one.